Getting Quotes From Car Insurance Companies in Tyrone PA When Adding a Teenager to Your Policy

Adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy will probably increase your premium to a certain extent. Insurance companies classify teens as bigger risks for an accident compared with any other demographic group. If you’ve received a quote from your insurance carrier that seems too high, contact other Car Insurance Companies in Tyrone PA to see if you can get a better deal.

Although elderly individuals are also considered poor drivers compared with the average population, they put significantly fewer miles on a car than other drivers do. Whereas an elderly person might make a trip to the closest grocery store once or twice a week, a teen might use one of the family cars to drive to school and to a job, and to friends’ houses. Teens are more likely to just go riding around for the fun of it. An elderly person might disrupt traffic by driving too slowly, but that’s less hazardous than being a lead-footed teenager.

Although teenagers may be in great physical and mental health, they also are inexperienced. That’s true not only of driving, but of making sound judgments in general. Teens are more likely to text while driving, which is an enormous risk factor for a collision. They are more easily distracted than their adult counterparts. All this means that they are more expensive to insure as automotive drivers than any other population. If you’re alarmed by the quote you received from your current policy provider, take a look at websites such as. You can contact an agent there directly through the website.

You might be tempted to simply not add your teenager to your insurance policy. That can lead to financial consequences, however, if your son or daughter ever does cause a collision. The insurance carrier will deny the claim because this youthful driver wasn’t covered. Then you’re responsible for paying for property damage to both your vehicle and the one belonging to the other driver, as well as for any medical expenses that resulted. Consult Car Insurance Companies in Tyrone PA for details on different types of automotive insurance so you can set up a policy that provides the coverage your family needs. Click here for more details.

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