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Getting Information In Times Of Crisis: Public Safety Systems That Work

It is almost staggering when you stop to consider the number of agencies involved in public safety solutions today. Simply having a streamlined way to allow access to information and coordination of services for these various groups can be overwhelming if there isn’t an infrastructure or overarching program in place.

Many of the larger urban areas have moved to Cloud based services to provide access for all identified emergency responders and coordinating government and non-governmental agencies which need to have access to information in times of crisis. These systems are effective, efficient and accurate not only in allowing coordination of response but also in threat detection and risk assessments.

The Possibilities

These public safety programs are highly effective in all types of tracking, assessment, analysis and data gathering. For example, a coordinated system would allow approved user to access information on calls to police and fire departments and prioritize them in their significance as a potential threat to public safety.

Not only would this reporting feature be effective, but the system is also actively scanning multiple data sources for actionable intelligence on threats to the infrastructure of a city, school, organization or agency with the community.

This information, as well as intelligence and information gathered from commercial and public data from any open data sources, can be integrated into responding to a crisis or perhaps preventing the crisis by addressing the threat.

Disaster Response

In the event a disaster does occur, public safety relies on the coordination of first responders, agencies having access to information as needed and the ability to coordinate services for maximum efficiency. With one system rather than multiple systems responses will be much more efficient and precious time is not lost to misunderstandings, missed information or rapid changes which are not captured when multiple systems are in use.

Another feature of public safety programs is the identification of where assets are within the community. By protecting critical infrastructure and the key resources by early identification of credible threats, often disasters can be averted, and the assets of the area protected from damage, attacks and loss.

Whenever and where ever public safety is a concern it is essential to have a coordinated system to unearth potential threats, notify agencies of threats and then provide a system for integrated response to the threat. These systems are available and are in use in major urban centers, helping to keep everyone safer on a daily basis.

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