Get Ready for Your Annual Fire Pump Test

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Moving

If your business has a fire protection system that includes overhead sprinklers, your annual fire pump test is an important part of keeping your business secure.

Your fire pump is designed to ensure you always have enough water pressure for your sprinklers to work properly. It provides additional water pressure, when the public water system cannot do enough. Without the assistance of your fire pump, your sprinklers may not be able to fully contain a fire on your premises. Here are some things you must know about testing your fire pump.

You must perform the test annually. To comply with regulations, your fire pump must be tested each year. It’s a good idea to put maintenance of your system on your calendar for just before the annual test is due. This is beneficial because it ensures you won’t forget to maintain your system, and also because it helps ensure your system will pass the test the first time around. Checking fluid levels and replacing the oil in the pump are important maintenance steps for your fire pump.

Your fire protection company can help with annual fire pump testing. The company can perform the test for you, but using an outside vendor is not required. Many businesses choose to have their fire protection company test the system the first time, and train their personnel during the first test. From then on, company employees perform the testing.

Your test must be documented. Your test is invalid if you do not create and maintain documentation of each aspect of the test. For ISO points, you should maintain your testing documentation for at least three years. Your fire protection company can provide a testing document template you can use to create your documentation.

Check it more than once a year. While annual testing is required, it’s a good idea to test your pump more frequently than that. Put the fire pump on your monthly or quarterly maintenance calendar for a routine check. This will prevent having major problems when annual testing time comes around.

Regular fire pump testing is critical to the safety of your business. By performing this test every year, you’re not only ensuring your business meets regulatory requirements, but you’re also providing yourself peace of mind that your system will perform properly in the event of a fire. So, don’t forget to put your annual fire pump test in Illinois on your calendar. It’s a simple test that goes a long way to protecting your employees and your business.

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