Get Certified from an Online Massage Therapy School

Online massage therapy schools is the perfect place for those looking for certification and want the convenience of studying from home on their own time. You get the same instruction, services, and training as any other massage therapy school, except you can study from home. Some programs may need additional clinical training or externships; however, while starting out you are free to study at your own pace while you develop your skills.

So how does online massage therapy school actually work? You may think that massage therapy would require a lot of hands-on training. However, you may be surprised to find out that there is much technical training involved that includes study, memorization, homework, and reading. Most online massage therapy school programs include the following:

  • Curriculums designed around material that is found on certification exams. Such diverse subjects include anatomy, health ethics, pathology, and patient care. You are expected to require knowledge about assessment, procedures, and business practices as well. Online massage therapy school also teaches different types of massage specialties such as shiatsu and reflexology.
  • Lectures, homework assignments, and discussions are often included in online massage therapy classes. This student and instructor interaction will be a basis for the learning more about techniques and patient for preparation for real-world application.
  • Though most written assignments and exams will take place online, you will have to have hands-on training which may require a once-a-week visit to a physical campus. These physical campus visits will allow you to practice new techniques and allow for live demonstration and instruction about massage therapy. These once a week classes allow for flexibility for the students attending classes and working full time.
  • The amount of hours needed to complete online massage therapy courses may vary from institution to institution, however, typically licensing requires 500 or more hours of training and instruction. This allows for adequate practice and preparation for paying clients; therefore you will have no problem finding employment right after competition of your program.

Online massage therapy school is a great way to earn certification in a field that is fulfilling. You will work with people that will rely on you for their wellbeing—which is quite rewarding and produces less job burnout. Choosing a reliable massage therapy school with a reputable degree program can allow you to earn a great living while helping those in need.

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