Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement In Tucson

The shingles on a roof protect a home from damage and when the shingles are worn out or missing, the house isn’t fully protected. When a homeowner has a faulty roof, it’s best to contact an experienced Roof Replacement Company in Tucson area to install a new roof. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about replacing a shingled roof.

Q.) How long does a roof with shingles typically last?

A.) A roof with shingles can last up to 20 years or longer if it’s regularly maintained. A roof that has a large percentage of missing shingles due to wind damage may need to be replaced sooner. Excessive granule loss on the shingles can also lessen the number of years a roof will last. Homeowners should schedule a periodical inspection by a qualified roofing contractor to keep track of the roof’s condition.

Q.) What are some signs that tell a homeowner that the roof needs to be replaced?

A.) There are various signs a homeowner can look for including shingles in the yard, curled or bent shingles, and an abundance of granules in the rain gutters. The granules help to protect the roof and when they wear off the shingles, they need to be replaced by a Roof Replacement Tucson area professional. Wet areas on the ceiling in the house are also a sign that there’s roof damage. When water leaks from the roof inside the home, the shingles are no longer protecting the roof.

Q.) How does a homeowner know if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

A.) When a roofing contractor inspects the roof, the amount of damage to the roof will be noted. If a large portion of the roof needs repairs, it’s more economical to have the entire roof replaced by a Roof Replacement Tucson area company. A new roof will be stronger and last longer than a roof that has several areas repaired.

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