Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Roofing Services

If you own a business, it’s essential that you keep your building and roof in the best condition possible. If you have any issues with the roof on your building, contact an area company that specializes in commercial roofing. Below you’ll learn the answers to commonly asked questions about business roofing services.

Q.) Is it best to have the old materials taken off the roof before a new roof installation?

A.) Before you make your decision, check with your area ordinances to make sure that you have permission to have your new roof installed over the old one. Some local laws may prevent you from keeping the old roof on your building. After you have authorization, speak with your roofing contractor for a recommendation. The most common problem with roofing over existing materials is the weight of the roof.

Q.) Are roof repairs possible or does the entire roof need to be replaced?

A.) Your roof may only need to be repaired instead of entirely replaced and a roofing contractor can determine this for you. After a thorough inspection of your roof, a contractor will note the amount of damage to your roof and recommend repairs or a roof replacement. If you have numerous missing, loose or damaged shingles, a contractor will need to replace your entire commercial roof so that it can effectively protect your building.

Q.) What is the time frame for installing a new roof on a commercial building?

A.) The length of time that it takes a roofing contractor to replace your roof will depend on the size of your roof. Other factors include the type of roof that you have and if there are any rainy days during the installation. Many times a commercial roofing job will take about one week to complete. After inspecting your roof, a contractor that does commercial roofing can give you a better estimate on the time frame.

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