Free Long Term Care Insurance Quote in Houston

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Insurance

A Long Term Care Insurance Quote in Houston is based on many variables, so it is important to understand the type of policy that is quoted. Rates are determined by amounts of coverage, the age and health of the applicant, and any add-on options that apply to the policy. The insurance covers licensed or custodial care in the home, in an assisted-living facility, a nursing home, or an adult daycare center. Policies can be used to supplement existing financial planning or to cover the entire costs of care.

Areas can be customized to control costs. The monthly benefit covered by the policy can be adjusted to lower rates. The benefit duration is also a flexible component of long-term insurance. The elimination period, or waiting period, is similar to a deductible in other forms of insurance, and it can be lengthened to cut down on premiums. If the budget has a little more room for add-ons to coverage, the policy can be altered to include inflation protection, “Shared Care”, and Zero-Day Wait. Shared Care allows one spouse to access the other spouse’s benefits if hers have reached policy limits. Zero-Day Wait is an option that waives the elimination period for home health care. Visit the website for detailed information on all policy options and components.

People should not hesitate to get a free Long Term Care Insurance Quote in Houston because these rising costs are not covered by any other type of insurance policies. Health insurance does not cover long-term care. The Medicaid program only covers people with low incomes who have no assets. Medicare does not cover home care of any kind, and only covers nursing home care for a period of 100 days. Long-term care is not just for the elderly. Accidents, diseases, chronic illnesses, and injuries may result in the need for long-term care at any age. Planning for the unexpected is what insurance policies are all about. That is why most people have health, automobile, life, renter’s and homeowner’s insurance. Long-term care is no exception. Do not leave those costs to family members. Think about coverage, decide on what limits work best for the budget, and get a policy.

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