Four Problems with Paving in Columbus, Ohio

by | May 4, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

One of the ugly factors one might notice when visiting the bigger cities is the ongoing problem with the paving. Inner city streets are often broken up, cracked, or otherwise damaged. There are problems with such paving in Columbus, Ohio. Paved roads make traveling easier, but there can be many things that go wrong with them. This article will supply a few of these problems that may be experienced with various paving materials. The material most widely used for paving is asphalt.

*      Some roads will experience what is known as alligator cracking. Several factors can cause this kind of cracking: surface weakness, insufficient drainage, or the surface is too thin. Either way, the problem causes a lot of road cracking damage. The only repair solution is a full patch job.

*      There are edge cracks that cause problems with pavements also. These type of cracks, as the name suggests, occur along the edges of the pavement, generally on the inside. This is because of poor drainage or a blockage (perhaps from dead leaves or other vegetation). Crack seal may be used to repair the apparent outages and prevent further spreading of cracks.

*      Another issue with asphalt pavement is known as upheaval. This occurs due to swelling of the subgrade, causing the pavement cracks to appear going upward and in a particular area. It will take a full-depth patch to fix this.

*      One really bad problem with paved areas, especially in the urban areas, is the pothole. Potholes are depressions in the pavement that often leave drivers swearing a blue streak when their tires can’t avoid them. They are caused by alligator cracks that go untreated. They also will need a full-depth patch to repair.

Hill’s Blacktop, Inc. is considered the primary contractor in central Ohio for commerical pavement. The contractor has been providing solutions to paving in Columbus, Ohio for over 29 years. The paving services provided include seal coating, the filling of cracks, patching, overlays, and striping. If you live in an area where you are having problems with your blacktop and need a contractor to come out and assess the need for paving.

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