Ford Escape, Big On Power And Features

The Ford Escape, although the smallest Ford SUV in Palos Hills, is big on power and big on features. The field for small crossovers is crowded, but the Escape, with its sporty look and very stylish interior stands out. The handling of the Escape is precise and the top of the line 245 horsepower engine gets it where you want it to go fast.

Three engine choices:

With the array of compact crossovers available, Ford is the only manufacturer that gives the consumer three choices of engines; all four cylinder, all paired with a reliable six speed automatic transmission. The entry level engine; 2.5 L 168 HP is standard in the base “S” configuration. Going up the ladder the next rung is occupied by 1.5L 179 HP turbocharged engine, standard in the “SE” and Titanium trims. Buyers of these models are given an option of adding a full 66 HP by ordering the 2.0L turbo.

Escape interior:

One big reason why the small Ford SUV in Palos Hills gets high marks in the high-tech sector is the touch screen infotainment system. The system is phenomenally user friendly, the navigation system features a super simple input field; enter the information, hit the button and go. The system, called SYNC by Ford connects to the internet and you can unlock the vehicle from your smartphone.

The 2016 Escape was given top marks for its interior, Ford have done themselves proud again in 2017 by adding even more soft surfaces and dash styling. The cabin noise has been deadened to the point where you can enjoy luxury car quiet even at highway speeds.

For being a small SUV, the Escape is as nimble as a cat. The suspension is set up to provide a great balance between ride quality and stability when cornering; The entire package gives the Escape a sporty feel but it still has 68 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded.

If you have set your heart on owning a Ford SUV in Palos Hills you will be pleased with the Escape, Expedition and Explorer models; all available from Hawk Ford Oak Lawn. Follow us on Google Plus for latest updates.

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