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Flip the Contemporary Living Room on its Head: Home Decorating Ideas From a Painter in Chicago IL

The contemporary home design is all about bold colors, black and white, and sleek decor. There is this really elemental counter-movement going on now in home decor, and it is really flipping the somehow traditional idea of a contemporary design on its head. Many designers are using antique decor and living room set-ups to add a contemporary feel, and the result is dazzling. Their main weapon of choice? Paint.

The Antique Living Room Items

Antiques are traditional accessories. They come in the form of classically inspired lamps on the tabletop. They are wooden-styled office desks or elongated tables fitted with stripped books, old photographs, and mahogany accessories. The antique appeal is usually a little more subtle, and the level of antiquity depends on the accessories. For the most part, the contemporary style becomes most immediate in the paint and larger furnishings while the antique esthetic is supplied by the accessorizing and smaller table-like furnishings.

The New: Paint and Contemporary Design

The balance would not work with a nice injection of the contemporary and new. The antique furnishings become more vibrant with a Painter in Chicago IL that uses boldly emblazoned colors. White is the most obvious. It allows the antique colors to really pop. Otherwise, the subtle browns and grays would become diluted with a wall paint color that was soft. Some brighter colors, such as light blue and even a soft yellow, works very well. It brings out the color of the furnishings without being too bright about it. Some designers can even incorporate abstract colors (i.e. orange, bright green) to create illusionary effects and dazzling living room designs.

Home decorating enthusiasts can find a pool of amazing ideas by visiting  or by checking out the official YouTube Channel. There is an idea around every corner. Contemporary design is not always bold and crisp. Some designers are infusing a little antique hipster-inspired style into their home. They accomplish a lot of the style through the Painter in Chicago IL, who uses bold colors to illuminate the sometimes color-dull antiques. It is an approach that stresses color balance, and the result is neither antique nor contemporary.

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