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Five Mistakes New Lobster Cooks Make

Unless you grew up in New England, odds are that cooking lobster is a new experience. It’s easy to be intimidated by crustaceans, but never fear! They are a lot easier and more versatile than they look. Take these five tips to avoid the most common mistakes, and enjoy fresh Maine lobster shipped from dock to door.

  1. Bigger is not better: Big lobsters are great showpieces, but the meat can be tougher and less sweet than younger, smaller lobsters. For the sweetest meat, try a soft shelled lobster at about 1.25 pounds.

  2. Over or undercooking: Lobsters, depending on size, take only 7 to 12 minutes in a pot of water at the boil. Overcooking toughens the meat and makes it bland, while undercooking leaves you with gelatinous goop.

  3. Not salting the water: The water for cooking lobsters should be as be as close to the briny taste of the sea as possible. You can use table salt, but authentic sea salt is ideal.

  4. The tail is not the whole lobster: It’s the biggest individual part, but the claw meat and meat from the legs is sweeter, more tender and delectable. Additionally, the roe – think of it as lobster caviar – when sauteed in butter makes a perfect sauce for your lobster.

  5. Not buying enough: For each person, order 1.25 to 1.5 pounds of lobster. The yield of meat to shell will be something like 4 to eight ounces of meat for each lobster at the table. Make sure everyone has enough.

Get the Freshest

When you order fresh Maine lobster shipped from an online supplier, you are getting the freshest possible lobster. Your lobster goes from dock to door with no middlemen or provisioners, and you get it at its freshest and tastiest. Order some today, and have delicious lobster pot pie tomorrow night.

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