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Fishnet Stockings – A Unique Style Statement

Fishnet Stockings are a kind of hosiery which is patterned in a diamond shape. Fishnet stockings are tight fitting hosiery, usually paired with short dresses or skirts.

Fishnet stockings are popular in the world of fashion. If not paired properly, they can prove to be a fashion disaster. Here are few tips on how to wear fishnet stockings:

Proper Color Combination

A proper color combination is very important while wearing a fishnet stocking or else you can create a fashion blunder. A pink stocking will definitely not look good with a black dress. A black dress has to go with a black stocking. A beautiful stocking paired with a beautiful dress can look ugly if not properly combined.

Selection of Stocking

Fishnet stockings are available in different sizes. It’s important to pick up a stocking that fits you properly. Loose stockings can make a beautiful figure look absolutely dull and clumsy. At the same time, a properly fitted stocking can make even a slightly out of shape body look good. Before buying your stocking, decide whether you want stockings just for parties or daily use. Fishnet stockings are available with big as well as small holes. The stockings with big holes can be used for daily use while small hole stockings look good at parties.

Keeping these two points in mind can help you look absolutely stunning and extra-ordinary. But do remember that a mismatched dress and stocking can really make you look horrible. All dresses cannot be paired with stockings.

A Unique Style Statement
A Unique Style Statement
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