Finding Legal Help with Truck Accidents in College Park

There is no doubt that trucks move our country. Without trucks delivering product stores would have nothing to sell and gas stations would have no gas to sell. With all of the trucks on the highway there are going to be Truck Accidents College Park area. For example, in Missouri over 9% of the traffic accidents in 2011 involved a commercial vehicle. Over 38% of these commercial vehicle accidents were non-placarded tractor trailers. It is also supported by data that truck accidents are on the rise.

When sharing the road with a big rig there are some things that you should consider to help do your part in keeping the highway and yourself safe. A truck driver cannot see around his vehicle as well as a person driving a car can. There are blind spots to the front of the truck, the back of the truck and both sides of the truck. If a vehicle is driving next to a truck in the blind spot and the truck driver doesn’t see him when he switches lanes the car is going to be hit by the truck.

Truck drivers who don’t get enough sleep are dangerous on the roads. It is required through DOT that a truck driver have so many hours of down time to sleep. Truck drivers drive a lot of miles and can get almost hypnotized by the road and a truck driver who hasn’t slept can doze off and lose control of his vehicle so keep an eye on weaving trucks.

There are also the obvious distractions a driver faces that could cause accidents. Cell phones and texting, speeding, eating while driving are a few other reasons for truck accidents. Trucks that have not been properly maintained can cause problems on the road as well with tire blowouts and faulty brakes.

If you are looking for a law firm to assist you in a truck related accident there are a number of ways that you can find one. You can use your local telephone directory yellow pages and search under law firms or lawyers. The American Bar Association may also be able to help you find a law firm who can assist you with Truck Accidents College Park. Friends and family can also give you excellent referrals.

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