Finding A Video Production Service in Lexington, KY Crafty Enough to Create Nice Pacing

Is there a reason why people find, say, the Transformers movies painfully dull or an informational video a complete drag? The answer is likely twofold. They can’t engage with the story, and the pacing is way off. Stretches of boredom can derail the entire video. Now, a Transformers film is three+ hours. A typical corporate video may only be two minutes, but those two minutes need cohesion. They need a quick pacing that keeps viewers constantly engaged. That is a task formulated in the script, acted out in the filming, and ultimately enforced at the video editing bay.

Exaggerate Themes

Creative videos from a Video Production Service in Lexington KY almost always have a theme. That theme could be as straightforward as “this product helps,” but the theme is a really important tool in the toolbox. The video editor can promote certain kinds of themes in the content. For example, a video for a new hand soap is cleanliness. This much is obvious. A video editor can create an airy feel to the video. They can exaggerate that theme by adding a light filter over the content or slowing down the footage. This may cause the viewers to take a pause and visualize how clean the frame is. These are little tricks that work to add to the main theme being enforced, and that is something only an editor can work at.

Removing Content That Doesn’t Work

Video editors claim that something simply does not work, and that can be a major problem. It seems okay in the script. It seems functional while filming. But, once the video is displayed in full, that portion may not work at all. It is a gut instinct type of thing, and a Video Production Service in Lexington KY, consistently reviews for how the video works in accomplishing its goal.

Of course, some bits may not work because of unavoidable problems with the video, like noise in the background, damage to the frame, an actor flaw, etc. This is its own problem. Either way, a decision needs to be made. It may not be up to the editor, but they at least have the gusto and knowledge to see it as it appears. Contact First String Media Productions to receive a quote for a new and fantastic video project.

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