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When it comes to picking a dentist for your children, you want to make sure that you chose the right one. Especially, if it is the first time that your child has ever visited a dentist. It takes a specialized dentist to work with the younger patient. If the dentist runs out of patients or isn’t good with children, it could be very traumatizing to the child. This could make for a very difficult time for the child to revisit the dentist.

When your infant or child needs dental work, look for a Pediatric Dentist in Homewood AL. General dentist really aren’t trained to work with the younger patient. They are trained to work with adults that have adult problems with their teeth. The main difference between general and pediatric dentist is that pediatric dentist has two to three extra years of schooling just to learn how to work with the younger patients and their special needs. This extra schooling teaches the dentist how to look for certain triggers to diseases such as asthma, diabetes, congenital heart defect and hay fever. They are also specialized in recognizing the early signs of an improper bite (sometimes due to thumb sucking or over use of a pacifier) and the need for teeth to be straightened. In the case of thumb sucking or using a pacifier, a pediatric dentist can give habit counseling to try and help the behavior from creating damage to the oral structures of the mouth.

Through the extra training, the Pediatric Dentist in Homewood AL understands how to comfort, be soothing and treat pain in younger patients accordingly. Children and pediatric patients have a much lower tolerance for pain and need to be treated differently than an adult. Learning how to deal with these situations helps to make the experience of visiting the dentist exciting and in some children’s cases, fun! The pediatric dentist is also trained to teach the child and the parent how to properly perform dental care at home. Proper instruction of oral care will help to keep the child’s teeth healthy and help in the prevention of gum diseases like gingivitis.

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