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Filing A Formal Worker’s Comp Claim Through Work Injury Lawyers In Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania employers are ordered by law to maintain worker’s compensation insurance. The coverage offers benefits for the worker in the event that he or she is injured while performing work duties. The benefits pay for the cost of medical treatment and offers a portion of the worker’s wages.

Filing for Worker’s Compensation

Initially, the victim files for worker’s compensation through their human resources department. They provide the worker with the correct paperwork and send them to the emergency room for treatment. The attending doctor must complete the form and return it to the insurance carrier. To review your claim, contact Work injury Lawyers Pittsburgh now.

Dealing with the Claim’s Adjuster

Claim’s adjusters evaluate the injuries to determine if it is feasible for the insurer to pay out benefits. Unfortunately, some insurers find any opportunity conceivable to deny these claims. The reason for that is that some employers don’t want to see an increase in their monthly premiums, and they negotiate with the insurer. However, for the victim, this could mean an extensive duration in which they are unable to earn wages and are responsible for their own medical costs.

Fighting Against the Insurance Company

Employees with qualifying injuries have the legal right to file a lawsuit if they are denied worker’s compensation benefits. While most policies make the victim wait an extended period for benefits, select policies start providing benefits after one week. Employees who must file formal claims may face further delays or financial hardships.

A formal claim gives these workers the option to acquire damages that could exceed the expected payout for these benefits. However, they must provide evidence that shows the resulting condition will last longer than one week. If the injury resulted in a permanent injury, the employer may owe the worker lifetime benefits.

Work injury Lawyers Pittsburgh help employees to seek damages when they are denied benefits. These attorneys fight against unethical employers and shrewd insurance companies. They help these victims to acquire damages to cover the cost of medical treatment and any wages they have lost. To review the claim’s process visit for additional information now.

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