Features of Pet-Friendly Housing in Norfolk

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Real Estate

Pet-owning renters are always worried about finding spaces that can accommodate their pets. It can be a deal breaker when a home you love cannot accommodate your dog, cat, or any other household pet. So, besides outdoor space, what else do you look for in pet-friendly housing in Norfolk?


Pets are known for scratching floors and running around, so you should check that when looking for housing. The ideal flooring should be non-slip to avoid sliding and made of the toughest materials so that scuff marks and scratches won’t easily show. You should also look out for darker floors where dirt won’t show. The best scratch-proof floors are bamboo and luxury vinyl, which are resistant to water and scratches.


When it comes to the walls, pet-friendly housing in Norfolk features paint colors that are not quick to stain. Instead of snow-white walls, your best bet should be darker shades, especially for common spaces. Additionally, it helps to go for satin/semi-gloss finishes that will repel the fur while making it easier to wipe. Lastly, check that the artwork, mirrors, and other hanging items are securely fastened to the walls. Otherwise, they may accidentally detach and drop on your pets.


The choice of furnishing for the common areas in the house should also be pet-friendly. You should look for furniture with rounded edges, not hard corners that could cause accidents. Also, ensure that the materials are non-toxic and scratch-proof. Leather and vinyl are the best options for resisting fur, while synthetic fabrics are easier to clean. You want to avoid materials like sisal and rattan, which pets love chewing on. Lastly, remember that animals love relaxing colors like blues and greens.

Pet-Friendly Housing in Norfolk

Several factors will come into play when choosing pet-friendly housing in Norfolk. To ensure the safety and comfort of your pets, check the floors, walls, decor, furniture, and space available for them to play around in. Secure your next pet-friendly rental today!

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