When to Hire Garage Contractors in New Brighton, Mn, to Repair a Garage Door

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Garage Door Services

A garage is an important structure in any household as it provides ample space for vehicle storage and safety for other automobile equipment. One of the critical components of a garage is the garage door. A well-installed and maintained garage door enhances the value of a building structure by increasing its aesthetic appeal. It also serves other important functions, such as making entry easier and securing items in the garage. It is recommended to check the balance of a garage door twice a month. A properly functioning garage door should be easy to raise and lower without resistance. It should roll along the track smoothly. If a garage door does not pass these tests, it is imperative to contact experienced garage contractors in New Brighton, Mn. A proficient garage door technician will examine the door, identify the particular problems, and ensure they are fixed correctly.

Here are some common garage door issues that require the services of a qualified technician:.

Eliminating a Squeaky Sound

Apart from the normal clattering sounds produced by a garage door, other audible noises should be handled immediately. Squeaking sounds produced when the door closes or opens may be a sign of a lack of lubrication. Consider applying a lubricant material to the wheels and metal tracks. If the noises persist, contact a garage door contractor for assistance.

Damaged Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a motorized device that closes and opens a garage door. If a garage door opener does not operate, first check to be sure that the device is connected to a working power source. Reset tripped circuit breakers and replace blown fuses. If the problem continues, contact garage contractors in New Brighton, Mn, to remedy the problem. Common problems with garage door openers include defective motor units and damaged remote controls.

Damaged Metal Tracks

If a garage door jumps and jolts while in motion, the metal tracks might be damaged. Check if there are any obstacles on both sides of the doors and remove them. Do not force the door to move. If the problem continues, contact a garage door repair technician.

These are just some key instances when it is important to hire one of the licensed garage contractors in New Brighton, Mn. Remember to choose the right garage door contractor to get the best services at a reasonable price.

Contact GarageTek of Minnesota for more details on how we can help you install and maintain garage doors!

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