FAQ Regarding Workers Compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Lawyer

When a worker is injured on the job, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Since filing for workers’ compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA can often be a confusing process, it is important for workers to understand their rights and get the help they need. Most people find it beneficial to hire a lawyer to help them. This is especially important when the insurance company or employer is not being cooperative. Through these FAQs, injured workers can be more prepared for filing their claim.

* How long do you have to file a claim? In the state of Iowa, injured workers must file a claim within two years of being injured. Each state varies in the amount of time given. Though there is plenty of time for filing, it is important for workers to file their claim as soon as possible so they can avoid delays in receiving payment. Waiting could cause important evidence supporting a worker’s injuries to be lost.

* What types of injuries are covered under worker’s compensation benefits? Iowa defines injury as being any health condition that arises from employment. This does not cover normal the wear and tear people experience from physical labor. The state also recognizes diseases and hearing loss that occur as a result of employment or exposure because of employment.

* Which workers are eligible for worker’s compensation? Most injured workers who are working under a contract are eligible for benefits. If an injury or illness is job-related, an injured worker should be eligible.

* Can a worker be forced to see another doctor or undergo medical testing? The employer or insurance company holds the right to have a worker examined by their own doctor. They can also require injured workers undergo certain types of medical testing even if their own doctor has performed the same tests.

For more information on these and other questions about workers’ compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA, contact a lawyer. Contact the Tom Riley Law Firm and schedule a consultation appointment right away. They can help injured workers receive the benefits they deserve. Should they be unfairly denied their benefits, a lawyer can file an appeal.

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