Experience Biblical Fellowship With Christian Life Groups For Men

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Have you ever felt like you needed a closer walk with God, and were also feeling like you needed the companionship and fellowship of like-minded Christian men? Christian Life Groups for men can offer all of that. You will grow spiritually, take more pleasure in reading the Bible and praying, and form close friendships with other men which will last a lifetime.

What Are Christian Life Groups For Men?
The Life in Christian Life Groups is actually an acronym, and each letter stands for some goal that Life groups share no matter where they are. L stands for Learning together from God’s Word. In each meeting, plenty of time is spent reading the Scriptures, talking about how it pertains to everyday life, and discussing any question any of the group may have. I stands for Interceding through prayer and caring. Another major part of Christian Life Groups for men is discussing prayer requests. If any member has a concern or struggle he wants to have prayer for, the other members listen and make sure to include it in prayer time afterwards. F stands for True Fellowship in the Spirit of Christ. Because the Life Groups are small, usually about 6 to 12 men attending each week, it is easier to get to know one another, understand each other’s needs, and form deep friendships. This method of worship is designed like the early Christians of the Old Testament and is beneficial in countless ways. E stands for Exalting the Lord and evangelizing the lost. In each of the Christian Life Groups for men, time is taken to praise the Lord through singing and sharing how God has answered prayer in the past week. A big focus is also put on leading lost souls to Christ. Because of the small and more informal group settings, it has been found that unsaved family members and friends are more likely to accompany a group member to a Christian Life Group for men than to a church service. Visitors are always made to feel truly welcome, whether or not they are a Christian.

Are you a man who is searching for not only more fellowship and closer friendships with other Christian men, but also a closer walk with God and an understanding of how to live honoring the Lord in everyday life? If so, Christian Life Groups for men would be just the thing for you. Visit southpointcc for information on joining our group.

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