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Excellent Fire Protection in Louisville, KY for Important Business Operations

Choosing the right fire suppression system for your business or organization isn’t just a matter of hanging a few fire extinguishers throughout the building and hoping for the best. The wrong fire suppression system can damage vital electronic, computer or technology components that your company requires to operate. If your organization is a non-profit museum, the wrong equipment can irreparably harm priceless treasures. Working with a full-service fire protection company such as Sonitrol can provide valuable assurance that your company and its equipment will be protected as completely as possible.

Maintaining a clean environment for electronic and technological equipment is essential to many companies and organizations. The traditional methods of fire detection and suppression, sprinklers and fire extinguishers, can damage essential devices or even destroy them. Your operation could be shut down for days if not weeks as you repair or replace important equipment. The system doesn’t use water or foam, but instead employs a chemical that disrupts the reactions occurring in a fire, stopping it in seconds. Data centers and clean rooms that need almost instantaneous fire suppression will see excellent result with this type of Fire Protection in Louisville, KY.

The fire suppression system is rated for use in Class A, Class B and Class C fires. It’s typically activated when smoke is detected or when an ultraviolet or infrared beam detects the presence of fire. The system can also be discharged manually. The liquid that is released has a cooling effect on the fire, extinguishing it almost immediately. The suppression system can be replenished easily, eliminating the need for costly replacement of the entire system. Data centers can continue running even when the fire suppression system is activated, allowing your company to avoid costly downtime.

One the greatest benefits of this clean fire suppression system is its almost negligible environmental impact. The system is classified as an acceptable alternative to Halon according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy. Its Ozone Depletion Potential is rated at zero. The fire suppression system is available from fire protection companies like Sonitrol, who can provide your company with the suppression equipment and material needed to keep your company functioning at peak capacity no matter what happens.

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