Essential Traits to Watch for in Sales Hiring

The sales hiring process is time-consuming. You must fill positions with qualified sales professionals to boost your revenue and drive more sales. While training can help many people succeed in sales, the best salespeople have strong traits. If you can identify these characteristics, you can rest assured that you’re making a good choice.

A Positive Attitude

Attitude is everything in sales. When completing the sales hiring process, pay attention to their attitude and demeanor. You must choose candidates with a positive attitude with an outgoing personality that will capture and hold attention.

Quick Thinking

Many companies provide a sales script their team follows. While the script may work for most prospective customers, some individuals require a more personalized approach. During sales hiring, ask questions that need careful thought. Quick-thinking salespeople often generate more sales than those who stick to the script.

Calm Under Pressure

Sales is a high-pressure work environment. Your sales team focuses on reaching goals and can feel the pressure if they struggle. Sales hiring allows you to observe how a candidate handles pressure situations. You should hire someone who remains calm, no matter what happens.


Some customers are more challenging to convert than others. A persistent salesperson guarantees more sales, including customers who may not otherwise buy anything.

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