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Enhance Your Boating Experience With A Boatshare In Sydney

If you’re thinking about owning a boat, you’ve probably been wondering what to do, where to go, and what the associated costs will be. Ownership can be tough for anyone, but especially someone who works within a budget. You don’t have to spend more time taking care of the vessel than using it to get your money’s worth. You can enhance your experiences by choosing a boatshare in Sydney from Luxury Boat Syndicates.

How It Works

You and seven strangers will own a share of the vessel. Each of you will get the same amount of time to use the boat and can use it as you see fit, with online scheduling and booking making it easy for you to see when the yacht is available. You will usually have some weekend and weekday options, ensuring that everyone gets the same amount of time. If you can take off work during the week, you can choose weekday options to give you more time on the boat.

Why Fractional Ownership

A boatshare in Sydney provides you with all the advantages of ownership without the hassle. You get a walk-on/walk-off scenario, where you show up and get access to the vessel and start your voyage, returning at the end of your time and leaving it for the maintenance/clean-up crew. They handle all the cleaning and regular maintenance, as well as storage and docking. They can also do repairs as necessary.

For all this, you pay one monthly fee, somewhat like a mortgage on a home. Many companies require that you pay for fuel separately and can do so on a monthly basis. However, you may be required to pay more frequently during peak times.

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