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Emergency Services Provided By a Dentist in Allentown

A painful toothache or abscess does not have to be ignored anymore. There are emergency dentists who are prepared to pull you out of the pain at any day or hour. An emergency service is available when a problem cannot wait. If you have intense oral pain, know the options that a Dentist in Allentown has in store for you.

An Emergency Dentist has different solutions for different dental problems. A common problem is a tooth that has been recently knocked out. A dentist encourages patients to find the dislodged tooth and place it in a container of ice for preservation. Preferably, a dentist should be visited within an hour or two.

A tooth crown is designed to cover visible damages on teeth. It is one option provided by an emergency dentist who needs to fix broken teeth. The crown is a natural tooth color that reflects light well and blends in with the nearby teeth. Similarly, a veneer is a shiny, white material that the dentist attaches onto the tooth. The two main types of materials are either composite or porcelain. Veneers are used to cover a few, chipped teeth or create a perfect smile. People have all kinds of teeth problems from wide gaps to severe discoloration. Veneers are designed to improve the tooth length, shape and size. With proper maintenance, you can keep this look for years.

A root canal is needed to save the living, un-decayed parts of teeth. During this process, the dentist takes out the infected pulp and nerve. Then, the tooth is filled. Without this procedure, the nearby teeth and tissues may easily become infected. The symptoms that lead to a root canal include swelling, strong tooth pain and sensitivity to the hot and cold.

There are various types of treatments that await you at an emergency dental office. First, the dentist makes a detailed diagnosis of your health problem and then prescribes the best treatment. Your solution could be a veneer for a broken tooth or medication for a severe infection. Only an emergency dentist is able to fix a major dental condition right away.


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