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Don’t Trust Your A/C To A Fly-By-Night When You Need Air Conditioning Repairs In Cape Coral, FL

If you want make an air conditioning guy’s blood boil, just ask him about the scams that some unethical a/c crooks pull on the unsuspecting. It gives a bad name to all of the hard-working businessmen in the heating and cooling industry that try hard to satisfy customers.

Air conditioning contractors complain that law enforcement typically doesn’t pay much attention to HVAC scams. While it is easy for a qualified professional to know that the expensive part was not needed, it’s not so obvious to others. The “good guys” are tired of hearing customer’s stories about how they were scammed, so they do what they can to inform the public.

• Don’t be charged for parts that weren’t actually replaced. Ask for the old, broken parts after

• Air Conditioning Repairs in Cape Coral FL

• Get two or three estimates before making a decision.

• Air conditioners need a refrigerant to do its job, but if the unit is low, chances are good that there’s a leak. If the technician adds the refrigerant, but doesn’t try to find the leak, be suspicious.

• Be skeptical of a “free tune-up.” This will probably be used for a high-pressure sales pitch. (A “free estimate” is commonly offered by reputable contractors and not to be confused with a “free tune-up”.)

• Don’t pay for the job before the work is done. Asking for a down-payment is common, but if someone tries to convince you to pay for the entire job up-front, look for another company.

• It can be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace the system. If you will be making a decision based on the company’s advice, are they trustworthy? Does the company have a good reputation and repeat customers? Are they a member of the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce?

• After repairs have been completed, test the A/C before the technician leaves.

• It’s only common sense, but get it in writing with start and completion dates.

• Do the technicians arrive in a company truck or a dirty pickup? Do they have an established location?

It’s a pretty safe guess that it will be hot out when you need Air Conditioning Repairs in Cape Coral FL. There aren’t too many places where the air conditioners work harder than they do in Florida. CoolAir Air Conditioning & Heating has been satisfying loyal customers since 2001. Click Here for more information.

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