Does Your Pet Need Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon?

Pet owners are often perfect when it comes to providing their furry friends with food, water, and shelter. Most are even good about playing with and providing exercise for their pets. But, when the time comes to set up Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon, owners sometimes fall short. In some instances, an owner isn’t sure if his or her pet actually needs some attention from the groomers at Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc. Here are three signs to help with the decision-making process.

Lots of Shedding

When sweeping the floors or vacuuming, does it seems like there is an excessive amount of hair and fur everywhere? Shedding can be a real problem for the home and the clothing of an owner. Sometimes, it takes professional Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon to get the shedding under control. With the right shampoos and grooming tools, it is possible to get a pet back that looks great, feels great, and isn’t leaving fur all over the place.

Tangles and Matting

Is brushing the cat or dog becoming too much of a challenge? Are there tangles everywhere or sections of fur that have become matted over time? Instead of fighting with the pet and risking hurting him or her, it’s time to make an appointment with a groomer. Skilled professionals know how to get out the tangles, get rid of the matting, and allow pets and their owners to enjoy the time they spend together instead of fighting over a brush. Everyone is happy when a pet leaves the groomer’s appointment and looks great.

Nails are Growing Long

Grooming for pets isn’t just about the hair. The nails also need some extra attention, and most pet owners are wary of cutting their pet’s nails because of the risk of injury. It can also be tough to get a pet to sit still long enough to get the task handled. Groomers can help with the nails, getting them to the right shape and size, without a lot of stress and hassle. Much like getting the fur taken care of, getting the nails back in shape also makes everyone in the house happy.

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