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Does Your El Dorado Hills CA Home Have Ugly Slabs of Concrete?

Maintaining the appearance of your El Dorada Hills home is important, and dirty, grease-stained concrete detracts from that. But, artistic concrete staining in El Dorado Hills can turn an ugly driveway into something beautiful. The process of cleaning, staining, and sealing concrete can also be used on pool decking and patios.

Beautifully staining and sealing concrete begins with deep cleaning with a pressure washer. Once the concrete is dry, it’s then sealed with a moisture-proof primer. Next comes a solid neutral-colored stain coat, followed by a beautiful, transparent color coat, and finally, two topcoats to seal it. The finishing touch is a light sprinkling of grit to create a slip-proof surface. The result adds beauty and value to your home.

As long as your concrete is in decent shape, it can be patched, stained, and sealed to look better than new. The results last for years, and only to be occasionally resealed with a topcoat. Best of all, the stains and sealers used are water-based and considered to be environmentally safe.

If the concrete around your home detracts from its appearance and lowers its value, professional staining fixes that. You can choose a stain color that complements your home; you can choose from natural, sandstone shades, or solid shades of gray, white, brown, and black. The staining can also imitate the look of natural stone. It’s a beautiful, economical solution to ugly concrete.

Visit Innovative Concrete Solutions to find out more about artistic concrete staining in El Dorado Hills.

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