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Do You Have a Judgment Lien on Real Property?

Owning a home can be an exciting thing, but there are situations that we find ourselves in that can make it less so. One of those situations is needing to take out a loan but using the home as collateral to secure the loan.

This is what is known as a judgment lien on real property. When that happens, it means that if the loan payments are not made, the lender has the right to take the home as their own property. It is a scary situation to be in.

Sell Your Lien Home

The quickest resolution is to sell the property. But, it is easier said than done when you have a judgment lien on real property. You need a buyer who is prepared to not only buy the property but pay off the lien against the home.

That is where Mayflower Judgements comes into the equation. With a professional judgment company, you can get out from beneath that lien and get a new lease on life as a homeowner.

Getting Things Settled Quickly

There are other judgment companies where the process is slower than it should be. Things drag out and you wonder if the process will ever come to a close. But with the right company, you can sell your home, get out from beneath the lien, and move on with your life with a fresh start. That is what a trustworthy judgment company can offer you.

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