Do They Do It Standing Up, Kneeling, Or, Lying Down Off South Carolina Beaches?

Let’s face it; South Carolina is not exactly well known in surfing circles despite its lengthy coastline. Surf fanatics prefer the big rollers that come in off the Pacific Ocean over on the other side of the country. However, surf enthusiasts live everywhere in this land and might not want to restrict their participation in the sport to occasional vacations to places like California or Hawaii.

Water Sports In Charleston SC

Charleston is a very watery city situated close to the middle of South Carolina’s coastline where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers merge to flow into the Atlantic Ocean at what came to be called Charleston Harbor. Inland is low lying and the whole area is typical of an ancient river delta that became submerged by the ocean. There are 2 other tidal rivers and navigation is possible upriver. With all this water; it is hardly surprising that old Charleston was a nautical center and that today’s population includes a large number of people who enjoy many different types of water sports.

Calling Experienced Or “Wannabe” Surfers

It won’t be “world class” but surfing beaches can be found not too far away from the City – at Folly Beach or Cape Hatteras for example. The surf at Edisto Beach State Park is better suited for surf fishing for such as flounder. However, you do not need giant rollers to get enjoyment out of a surfboard.

Big surfing requires you to get you and your board out from the beach beyond the breaking waves; you can do this either lying down on the board or kneeling on it and using your arms and hands as paddles – to surf the wave back to the beach; you have to do this first. It follows that your surfboard could double up as a sort of boat to transport you along or over any body of water. Not only is this obvious; but, it became popular and lead to the development of the sport of paddleboarding. Fit experts in the sport even undertake 20 mile plus races across the open ocean.

Standup Paddleboarding

Paddling with your arms calls for quite a lot of stamina and is not very efficient. If you were to use manufactured paddles; efficiency would be improved. However, if you wanted to be seated and use a canoe type paddle; you might just as well get a canoe. But, with only minor modifications, a surfboard can be used as a platform to stand up on; then, you can paddle it along with a kayak style double bladed paddle.

This form of paddleboarding is ideal for South Carolina waters and has become a fast growing activity in Charleston. Companies like Charleston Paddleboard Company/Charleston SUP Tours not only teach the sport; but, also arrange Paddle Board Rentals In Charleston SC.

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