Discerning the Difference Between a Pet Clinic and a Veterinary Hospital

Knowing the difference between a pet clinic and a veterinary hospital is not always easy. Many people consider the two to be one and the same and oftentimes veterinarians in private practice may advertise their clinics as having onsite hospitals. There are a few things that make distinguishing the two quite easy. Here are a few ways to help you better make the distinction.

Size Difference
Believe it or not, at a glance a pet hospital can look like a pet clinic. The truth is the hospital is much larger because it has rooms to accommodate pets that have to be admitted for overnight care. It is not uncommon to see a hospital attached to or directly adjacent to a pet clinic or a veterinarian’s private practice.

Extensive Services
Actually hospitals have more equipment and many more services available. Think of it as a human hospital scaled down. There are necessary units, such as radiology and pathology at a veterinary hospital. New York vets, like others fully depend on having a wide variety of services available for their animal clientele. Additional units may include blood labs so that lab work can be done quickly and effectively onsite.

Did you know that there are different types of veterinarians? Just as for humans there are physicians who specialize in different types of medicine, there are veterinarians who also specialize in different types of medicine for animals. Additionally, there are surgeons available at a pet hospital to handle any type of surgery required by an animal. Furthermore, there are many similar types of staff members at a pet hospital that actually hold the same or similar titles as those in a human hospital.

Animal hospitals can offer clients 24 hour surveillance. This can be exceedingly helpful for distressed pets who may be suffering from a long term illness. It makes things much easier on the pet owner to be able to admit their pet to a hospital that has 24 hour surveillance. Should surgery need to be done, it can be completed effectively and efficiently overnight. This is a great option for pet owners who may not want to risk hurting their pets health-wise.

Finding a good pet hospital can be tough. However, if you have a full understanding of the differences between a pet clinic and a pet hospital, it can make the search easier. If you reside in the greater New York area and are interested in finding one of the top veterinary emergency and referral groups..

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