Different Types of Garage Flooring in New York

Most homes are built with concrete garage flooring. Unfortunately, this leads a lot of home owners to believe that they do not have other options when it comes to Garage Flooring in New York. The truth of the matter is that not only are there other options there are a lot of reasons why homeowners do not like concrete garage flooring. First of all, concrete flooring is very prone to staining which can make it very visually unappealing to guests. Fortunately, there are several different types of garage flooring that a homeowner can consider when they are looking for something new including: rubber floor mats, epoxy paint, floor tiles, and roll-out flooring.

Rubber floor mats are also referred to as parking mats. These are used to protect your garage flooring from the harmful chemicals that leak out of your car as well as their dirty tires. High quality rubber floor mats will have raised plastic edges in order for them to capture large water spills and oil spills.

Floor tiles are one of the more preferred garage floorings for a lot of homeowners. This is because in addition to adding a touch of style to your garage, tiles are a lot easier to clean and maintain. Not to mention the fact that they do a wonderful job of covering up any cracks or stains on the cement flooring of your garage. The best part of garage tiling is that it is extremely easy to install. Usually you can just roll the title out and it will stick to the cement without you having to use any mortar or glue.

Roll out flooring is arguably the easiest and cheapest way to cover the floor of your garage. Not to mention the fact that it has a lot of benefits such as directing spills away from your vehicle, anti-fatigue, and a variety of surface patterns to choose from. This flooring is a great way to protect the cement from all of the chemicals that leak from your vehicle including oil and antifreeze. It also protects the cement from salt that may be attached to the tires of your vehicle during the winter season. Visit us at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation.

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