Differences in Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC

Roofing Companies in Charleston SC are not all the same. Not only do they differ in experience and training, they also differ in areas of expertise. A residential roofing company may be excellent at roofing your home, but may not have a clue when it comes to your commercial roof. Some companies provide both residential and commercial roofing services, but may not have a lot of experience at both. It is important to find out how much experience your roofer has regarding commercial roofing options and processes. There are many types of commercial roofs, and installing them can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with the products or procedures.

The Affordable Construction Company is just one example of a few Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC that have years of experience in commercial roofing. There are seven major types of commercial roofing products. Some are built-up roofing, modified Bitumen roofing, composite roofing, and liquid applied roofing. You need to know which type is best to use for the commercial roof on which you will be working.

Some factors include the slope of the roof, the type of business that is done in the building, the climate, and the age of the structure. If the building is a factory, for example, the heat created inside may require a roof that will reflect the sun and stay cooler. Applying roofing to a flat roof requires different equipment that applying roofing to a commercial building with a slope to it. There are also coatings that can be applied to commercial roofs for waterproofing, high-velocity wind protection, and heat resistance. Go to for details on commercial roofing and coatings.

Other services provided by Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC include roof repairs, restorations, inspections, maintenance, and re-roofing. Re-roofing entails tearing off some parts, or all, of the roof and recovering the area. The difference between installing a new roof and re-roofing is that you can retain some of the base layers of the roof and not have to start from the beginning. You have a lot invested in your commercial building, and with your roof being the first line of defense, you will want to take proper care of it.

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