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Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home in Livingston NJ

The differences between assisted living and a nursing home center around the level of care needed by the individual. A nursing home in Livingston NJ is well suited to someone who needs skilled medical care. Assisted living refers to a situation in which someone may need help with daily living activities, but does not require the skilled medical care provided by a nursing home. For example, if someone needs help taking a shower due to a risk of falling, that person needs assisted living. If someone needs help taking a shower due to paralysis or a compromised respiratory system, that person needs a nursing home.

Assisted living is offered in a few different settings. There are residential homes, senior living communities, and large elegant communities offering a continuum of care options. Services are paid for either by the individual or by insurance plans. In that respect, it is considered private pay, and price ranges do vary. Some are basic facilities or apartment settings that are affordable and some are set up for those in a higher income bracket. You may want to find out where a placement falls on the spectrum before investigating assisted living further. A nursing home in Livingston NJ is set up for people with severe medical issues. Individuals with cancer, chronic respiratory symptoms and advanced physical impairments need that level of care to keep them safe and as healthy as possible.

When searching for an assisted living provider, there are some questions you can ask that will give you some idea about the quality of care. It is important to know if they have a case management system in place to monitor residents’ well being. Are plans individualized or general? Do they encourage independence? The answer would be evident in the level of assistive devices. For example, are they group or person focused activities? You want to know what their staff turnover rate is and what their training program for new hires entails. Properly trained staff have the knowledge to foster communication and approach individuals in various ways to make them feel comfortable and competent. A high turnover rate may indicate a lack of training or continued training for staff. Contact Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center at their website.

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