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Design Considerations In A Pneumatic Push Button Valve

A pneumatic push button valve is a user-friendly and highly effective valve to start or stop the flow of air through any accessible area in a system or on a piece of equipment.

All push button valves are operated from the outside, with the user simply depressing the button to either start or stop the flow of air. These valves can be designed as 2-way or 3-way valves, and they can be designed to be nominally closed or nominally open, depending on the specific system and operational requirements.

These valves can be configured to be mounted, or they can be a non-panel mount design. Both are effective; it is really the design of the system and the specific user requirements that determine which option is the best. In addition, a pneumatic push button valve can have the option to provide quick exhaust, immediately relieving the pressure in a pneumatic system when the valve is closed.

Options to Select

Before beginning the design of a pneumatic push button valve consider the specific configuration of the system. This allows the designer to select the body configuration that is ideally suited to the location of the valve and the position of the tubing. This also ensures the correct number of ports on the valve as well as the port choice, including threaded, barbed or compression is selected.

The seal material should be another option provided when designing a push button valve. Even with pneumatic systems that are only carrying air, different seal materials offer various advantages based on the pressure, the air flow volume, and the working environment.

The more options that are possible when designing any push button valve. Take the time to review design tools online at valve manufacturers and choose the one that offers the most comprehensive options in designing your ideal push button valve.

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