Add the Wow Factor with a Green Wall Interior

Coming up with unique design details can be a challenge. What can you do to separate your space from all the other spaces out there? A green wall interior really can bring the wow factor to any space. This on trend design element is being used by the type designers around the globe.

What is a Green Wall?

A green wall can be created using wall panels that are easy to install in any space. They are covered in artificial greenery that requires no maintenance. They can be used:

  • In hard to reach spaces
  • To cover entire walls
  • To cover part of walls
  • In the entry way
  • To divide a room into separate spaces
  • To designate spaces
  • As an accent wall in any space

These wall panels are easy to install and unlike living green walls they require zero maintenance to look great for years to come. They help walls to make a statement and add a designer element that really amps up the look of any space.

Why Go Green?

Breathing life into a space can be difficult with the traditional tools like paint and art. A green wall added to the interior of a space does the job nicely especially when you can get the green wall look without the green wall work. It is an easy solution for any space that needs a boost.

Easy Installation

These wall panels are easy to install and come ready to hang. They come green and looking beautiful and once they are installed all you must do is enjoy the added wow factor! Evergreen Walls makes it easy to have the green wall interior that you want without all the fuss. They offer a wide range of high-quality options that can help to define and decorate any space.

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