Dental Hygiene is Where Great Teeth Start

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Dentist

Some of the most important lessons learned and benefits offered by a dentist would be in the area of dental hygiene in Chicago. Not only do our teeth and mouth feel so fresh and squeaky clean after a cleaning, but it is the very best way for dentists to keep an eye on how well each patient’s oral health is. It is far better to catch any problem in the beginning stages, when it is easier and less of a strain on your budget than to have to play catch up later on down the road.

There can be Much More to a Cleaning than You Realize

Did you know that dental hygienists can also apply fluoride in a varnish form? It is “painted” onto your cleaned teeth and can aid in the prevention of cavities. This is the type of fluoride that is recommended, as it lasts the longest. Make sure you ask about the treatment. It can save you money in the long run and is fairly inexpensive. You should be sure to ask to have your “Oral ID” done as well. It can literally save your life. This is the testing this is done for mouth cancer and is very important.

Lasers are not Just for Light Shows Anymore

The hygienists can also offer you laser bacterial reduction or LBR which is performed before he or she cleans your teeth. This procedure actually kills bacteria inside the tissues of the mouth. One of the perks of this method is that it can help patients to heal faster if they are suffering from dental issues. Have a high school reunion, a wedding, an important work affair, or you just want to make yourself happy? You can also have your teeth safely whitened in just an hour in the office. Dental hygiene has certainly come a very long way.

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