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Dental Care in Grand Prairie TX After an Extraction

The extraction of a tooth can be due to some things. It is sometimes a necessary procedure following a cavity, which has affected the structure of the tooth and, thus, cannot be saved. It can also be the result of a trauma. This is why routine dental care in Grand Prairie TX is so vital to your oral health.

How to distinguish different dental extraction techniques?

Dental extractions are said to be simple or exodontic and are necessary when the extracted teeth do not show abnormalities. This type of tooth extraction is generally not complicated and is performed by any dentist.

Surgical teeth extractions are also called odontectomies. It is an extraction of a tooth that is destroyed or very damaged, whether by decay or trauma, etc. Extractions can also involve the extraction of healthy teeth that have no abnormalities when the jaw does not have enough space to accommodate them. This is often the case, for example, with wisdom teeth.

How is an extraction performed?

Extractions take place in several stages. At first, the practitioner will prepare his or her operative field, which consists of sanitizing the area and the instruments used by the dentist and hygienist. It will also be important for the patient to have a disinfected mouth.

The dentist will then introduce anesthesia. If the anesthesia is local, it will be necessary to block only the nerve of the tooth that will be extracted. The following steps, necessary for tooth extraction, are:

  • Separating the tooth from all its epithelial attachments
  • Followed by a subluxation, which is the installation of a tool that causes the movement of the tooth
  • And finally, the dislocation and removal of the tooth

The dentist may also need to suture the area to allow better healing, which usually takes between two and three weeks. Dental care in Grand Prairie TX is crucial after an extraction.

Can tooth extraction be responsible for complications?

Dental extraction is not trivial; it can lead to trauma, which will have multiple consequences like bleeding, which can be stopped by biting down lightly on sterile cotton for a couple of hours. There may also be temporary pain, which the dentist usually prescribes painkillers for. Browse our website for more details.

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