Demystifying Spring cleaning Myths with Cleaning Services in Marysville WA

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Cleaning

Many people learn their spring cleaning tips and secrets when they are growing up. Unfortunately, most of these “tricks” are all smoke and mirrors, and they do not really serve the purpose they are said to. If you want to have a truly clean home, you have to think about discarding the spring cleaning myths. Here are some of the myths that Cleaning Services in Marysville WA will help you do away with.

Bleaches fix everything

One of the mistakes people make when they are cleaning counter tops, kitchen islands and other fixtures is thinking that bleach is all you need to get things clean. The reality is that you need to use regular water and disinfectant or other type of soap to clean the food particles and other grime off these surfaces before using the bleach. Thorough cleaning before bleaching will help you achieve complete cleanness of these surfaces.

That carpet cleaning does more harm than good

Most people listened to so much negativity about carpet cleaning and how it ruins carpets that they are practically petrified of any form of carpet cleaning. The reality is that carpet cleaning is important, and it can be done right. When you hire competent cleaning experts, they will find the right methods to clean your carpets, and you will not have to worry about odors, shrinkage or mold formation of the carpet.

Polishing wood ruins it

There are many people that believe that cleaning wood and applying generous amounts of polish to the wooden appliances in the home makes the wood attract more dust. The reality is that wooden surfaces will attract dust whether they are polished often or not. Allow cleaning experts to help you deal with the polishing if you are not sure about the appropriateness of the polishes that you have.

Cleaning tile grout is next to impossible

People lack patience when trying to clean tiles. To beat this myth, try and remove as much dirt as possible with water and brush. Vinegar and baking soda will take care of the rest of the grout.

Those are four spring cleaning myths demystified for you by Cleaning Services in Marysville WA. Contact Frontline Cleaning to learn more about keeping your home clean.



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