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Deciding Between a Floor Heating Cable or Mat

The pre-spaced structure of the heating components within the mat is the sole distinction between a mat and a best floor heating cable system. As a result, a mat should take less time to install, and for a space of several hundred square feet, a mat will save you several hours; yet does a mat always require less labor?

Working a mat around curves or running flush to non-right angles will take considerable effort. Why bother when a cable is only a coiled spool of loose heating wire? Not only would you save time, but there would be no risk of a knife slipping and damaging the heating element.

Floor Heating Cable Systems

Floor heating cable systems, such as the Nuheat Cable Floor Heating System, use a heating cable coiled on a spool and spread out three inches apart over the area to be heated by the installation. The wire is stretched back and forth over the space to heat it, and it is secured to the floor with the provided plastic cable guides. These heating systems will enable you to easily heat an area of any shape, including those with unusual angles and curves.

Mat Systems

In a mat heating system, the cable heating components are pre-spaced three inches within the mat. When you install a floor heating mat, you unroll the floor heating mat, ensuring the power leads reach the electrical box. Using the turning techniques illustrated below, you may alter the mat to meet the required heating area. The fiberglass mesh may be cut to flip and turn the mat. The mat’s tape is double-sided. You remove the liner and can secure the mat to the floor on either side.

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