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What to Know About a Portable Concrete Mixer

One of the most useful machines for DIY projects or contractors is a portable concrete mixer. When people are looking for a portable cement mixer for sale, they want to find something that is easy to use, mixes reliably, and durable enough to last. The best mixers are fast and consistent, and they make it easy to complete any job quickly and efficiently.

Two Simple Stages

The best portable concrete mixer operates with a two-phase infusion system. The augur and water are introduced to the dry-mix, and they work together to deliver a consistent flow that continues until the job is complete. This process decreases the labor cost, and it allows people to save time, money, and energy. The machine has an integrated bag opener, which makes it easy to drop and fold open the dry-mix. The water dial is fully adjustable, so people can create the perfect mixture for the job. It has an electric drivetrain, which has the power to chew through more than 40 bags each hour.

Durable Machine

The best portable concrete mixer should be built with durability in mind. It will have a heavy-duty, high-strength steel body surrounding the powerhouse of components. For portability, it will be supported by two large, flat-free tires. Made of 14 gauge high-strength steel, it will stand up to anything. The augur and chute are durable and provide easy and fast delivery of any mixture. The motor is all-electric and water sealed, and it has forward and reverse settings for complete control. The tires are flat-free, so the machine is always ready to go where people need it.

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