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Custom Shipping Boxes: Durability, Size and Shape Are All Options

Cardboard boxes have long been the preferred choice by manufacturers, shippers and moving companies. They offer a variety of sizes, shapes, weights and strengths. Yet, sometimes, you need a certain size of shape box. Does this mean you have to opt for another material? No. You talk to a producer or supplier about designing and purchasing custom shipping boxes.

Custom Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes: Available Options

What is available if you decide to customize your cardboard boxes? The sky is the limit. Your options include selecting:

  • Board type
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Surface qualities e.g. smooth, printability, color
  • Coating
  • Treatment
  • Specific properties e.g. flame resistant or retardant, static control

The design you choose can be simplistic or complex. Cardboard does have the advantage of being durable yet easily folded into a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be printed with your log or store name, therefore acting as a branding or advertising tool. In fact, corrugated cardboard can be customized to meet the specifications of almost any product or item.

An additional quality of cardboard, particularly corrugated cardboard, is the ability of the material to be protective. Each cardboard type is tested using two rating mechanisms. These are:

1. Edge Crush Test or ECT rating

2. Burst Strength Test or BST rating

The ECT rating test provides information on how well the boxes can be stacked. The BST rating provides information on the weight bearing capacity. The higher the rating, the more durable the boxes are for transporting, weigh bearing and stacking

If you decide to order custom shipping boxes, you can arrange for the boxes to meet specific ratings. You can customize each aspect to meet your needs. This is true for those who simply want to ship an unusually shaped or sized object. It is also valid for people who want boxes designed to store their documents away for a specific length of time.

Why Custom Shipping Boxes Are Useful

It is obvious cardboard boxes are popular for shipping items. Ask anyone who has ever moved or shipped a parcel. Grocery stores and other retail outlets receive their goods in cardboard boxes. Small and large online retailers ship their products to clients in cardboard boxes. Boxes are affordable, durable, readily available and easily customized.

Small off and online retailers also see them as an advertising opportunity. By customizing their shipping boxes with a logo and company name and/or slogan, they can advertise their products and begin to create brand recognition. Anyone along the route, and those who recycle the used box, can see the information and learn more about the company by going online. This is particularly true if the name, logo or slogan is catchy and/or the shape of the box is intriguing. This is free advertising.

Choose Custom Shipping Boxes

If you want to ship, store or move items, consider the value of cardboard. This material is extensively used for all the right reasons, including recyclability. If you have an unusual shape, specific requirements or an unusual demand, do not worry. Cardboard custom shipping boxes are available in whatever permutation you and your needs entail.

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