Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Vacuums Make Lawn Care Easier

Landscaping companies and do it yourself home lawn maintenance professionals alike face the same problems when cutting and maintaining grass. Leaves and cut crass as well as larger lawn debris can be a hassle to clean up, causing an easy job to take up extra time and potentially damaging mowing equipment if not properly handled. Some companies and individuals solve this problem by using a lawn vacuum to suck up the leaves, and purchasing a separate chipper or shredder to deal with the larger debris such as sticks and branches. This is a functional solution, and it saves a good deal of the time and energy that would be required to accomplish the same work by hand with a rake.

However, recent innovations in the area of lawn maintenance have provided an even better solution. Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Vacuums allow landscapers and homeowners to clean up all of the debris at once, turning it into mulch for composting or additional landscape improvement. These machines are self-propelled, making them as easy to use as a lawnmower and saving a great deal of back breaking labor. They are powerful enough to pick up acorns, sticks, and small branches in addition to leaves, and come with detachable vacuum hoses to facilitate edge work or clean ups around flower beds and other lawn details. Most chipper shredder vacuums also come with a built in feed chute for larger branches as well. These can be picked up and fed into the machine right where they are, and turned into mulch that is then collected in an attached bag.

Everything about chipper shredder vacuums is designed to make lawn care and regular maintenance a little bit easier. But that’s not the only advantage. Purchasing one machine to do the work of several can also help a homeowner’s bottom line. Instead of having to buy as many as three machines that all perform separate functions, only one investment must be made. Interested in learning more about how Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Vacuums can help to lighten the heavy workload of lawn maintenance or running a landscaping business? Visit our website for more information.

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