Crowns through Cosmetic Dentistry in St Clair Shores

Restoring the smile with porcelain dental crowns can be done with or without metal. May you have heard your dentist suggest a porcelain crown? What is that?!?! Here you will find the answer to the questions you seek concerning Cosmetic Dentistry in St Clair Shores.

The tooth is divided into three major areas: crown, neck and root. The crown is the visible part of the tooth. The neck is the narrowest part; much of it is seen where there is gingival retraction. The root is inside the tooth and goes down into the gum. If the root is damaged, you must remove the damaged piece and put in a new root, mainly a dental implant.

If the crown is damaged, it can be restored using a thousand different ways but the main way is by composites (white fillings). But when the destruction is very serious, let’s say a large fracture or tooth decay, the solution is to manufacture a new crown; the best of which is porcelain on metal. Porcelain crowns can be done in a single visit. They can be made to restore a person’s appearance, their integrity, their resilience, their bite (occlusion) or because they suffer a severe and widespread erosion throughout the mouth.

Improving your smile’s appearance is the main goal: color, smoothness, brightness, softness, height, width, alignment and contours. Rejuvenating teeth to improve our aesthetic appearance gives off a smile that makes us feel safer, more attractive and happier. To ensure this, Cosmetic Dentistry in St Clair Shores uses porcelain on zirconia.

The tooth to be treated is “shaved” down in height approximately 2.5 to 3 mm all around, enough so that the profiles are parallel or slightly tapered. Whiling size, dentists will eliminate the defective enamel decay, stains, filtered fillings, etc. If a decay is very deep, filling the gaps with composite adhered is needed. This procedure is done with anesthesia, so it does not hurt the patient. A temporary crown is put in until the final crown is made. When the anesthesia disappears, you should not feel anything. If there is pain, you should contact your dentist because there is a chance the pulp can be injured. Contact your dentist to learn more.

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