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Creating a Full Meal Out of Blueberry Pancakes in Lynwood, WA

There’s nothing better than the sweet, mouth-watering flavors of blueberry pancakes in Lynwood WA. With each bite, your taste buds get a burst of juicy blueberries surrounded by fluffy pancake batter. Of course, pancakes always taste better when paired with other foods to create a full meal.

Savory Selections

The sweetness of blueberry pancakes in Lynwood WA goes well with savory dishes. One of the most popular options is eggs. Not only do eggs add a bit of protein to the meal, but they can also be seasoned to your liking. Scrambled and fried eggs both pair nicely with blueberry pancakes.

If you frequently crave both sweet and salty flavors, you may prefer a side of sausage with your meal. Vegetarians can opt for a veggie-based sausage. Rotate bites of pancakes with bits of sausage for the full effect.

Sweet Toppings

Blueberry pancakes taste great on their own, but many people prefer to add some extra toppings. The most obvious choice is syrup. The maple syrup brings out the flavor of fresh blueberries. If you prefer something with a more subdued flavor, consider adding a dollop of whipped cream.

If you’re a fruit connoisseur, top your blueberry pancakes with even more fruit. Consider adding fresh blueberry or strawberry compote if you want more of a true berry flavor. Banana slices are also a delicious option. To bring out the sweetness, top your pancakes with a bit of fresh lemon juice.

Refreshing Beverages

Pancakes are sure to make you thirsty, so a beverage is a must. If you’re enjoying your blueberry pancakes in the morning, coffee or black tea are the best choices. Both of these beverages contain a bit of caffeine, which is sure to give you an extra boost of energy.

If you prefer something cold, the juice is always a good option. The citrus notes of orange juice and lemonade will make your pancakes seem even sweeter. A tall glass of cold milk is another way to keep your mouth moist without competing with the powerful flavor of the blueberry pancakes.

Pancakes are a great meal both day and night. Local Roots offers different edibles that are sure to please your palate. Remember to pair your foods with different dishes to bring out flavors you wouldn’t taste otherwise.

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