Considering Different Design Options for Brochures in NYC NY

Owners of businesses large and small understand the value of including Brochures in NYC NY as part of their advertising and sales campaigns. What they may not realize is that there are plenty of ways to go about constructing a brochure that will do the job. Here are a few points to keep in mind when settling on the ideal design for that new brochure.

Combining Text with Images and Graphs

Some of the best designs for Brochures in NYC NY feature more than a seemingly endless string of words. The layout will also include images that help to drive the message home. Depending on the subject matter, including graphs to illustrate key points is also helpful. To break up the text a bit, use these elements, plus some simple tricks like the use of bullet points and sub-headers. Doing so makes the brochure easier to scan, and encourages the reader to keep going until the very last word.

The Dimensions for the Brochures

Along with the information, the size of the brochures will also be an important element. Identifying how it will be used goes a long way on deciding whether a simple tri-fold brochure is the right choice, or if something that is the same size as a magazine is a better fit. For example, if the plan is to use the brochure for a trade show, the larger brochures will stand out from what the rest of the exhibitors are supplying. A direct mail campaign using a tri-fold brochure that fits into a standard sized business envelope would help keep costs down and increase the odds of earning enough new business to justify the effort.

Using the Brochure in Electronic Communications

Remember that today, brochures do not necessarily have to be in hard copy. Consider using a design and layout that also translates well into an online environment. This makes it easier to have the brochure available for download directly from the business website. The sales team can also attach a copy when responding to emails from interested parties.

For help in coming up with the right design, talk with a professional printer today. In no time at all, the subject matter can be arranged and a proof provided for the approval of the client. If everything looks good, then place an order and get ready to put those new brochures to work.

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