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Common Forklift Battery Charger Repair Issues

While many operators of forklifts in Wisconsin pay attention to the condition of their battery, many ignore the charger. This can result in issues. It is very important to recognize common problems and to know when to call in a forklift battery charger repair specialist. This can save your company time and money over the long haul.

Common Forklift Battery Charger Problems

Several problems or issues can affect the smooth operation of your forklift battery charger. They are not exclusive to one specific make of battery. Whether generic or specific a battery charger can manifest the following problems:

The Charger Does Not Turn On: This may be the result of a faulty or inaccurate connection to the batteries
Charger Fuse Blows: If the dual element fuse link is at fault, do not attempt to correct it. Call in the technicians
Blown AC Line Fuse or Circuit Breaker: Make sure the power supply cord is connected correctly and is not bypassing the electronic timer kit
Malfunctioning Charger Turn-Off: This may be the result of wrong battery size, incorrect depth of battery discharge, and/or improper finish charge rate
Low Charger Output: Possibly the result of a blown fuse
Short or Burn-Out Transformer: This may be from ageing, premature burn- out or overheating. A forklift battery charger repair may not be effective unless staff learn not to misuse the charger

Forklift Battery Charger Repair

If your chargers are not operating to their full potential, it is time to contact the experts in forklift battery and industrial battery charger technology. By taking the time to examine the forklift, they will be able to arrive at the right diagnosis. It may only take a fraction in time to discover the problem affecting the forklift battery charger, repair it and, therefore, solve the current issue. They can help you get back on track and continue to move those products around your Wisconsin facility effectively, efficiently and on time.

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