Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry has become more popular than ever with people wanting to achieve a brighter, whiter and straighter smile. Innovative technology has given dentists a wide array of new techniques and tools that will help improve a person’s smile.

Prior to making the decision to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure, it is essential that you understand both the benefits and risks that are associated with the work. Not only will this ensure that you know what to expect during the procedure, as well as have realistic expectations about the results that you receive.

Teeth Whitening

Foods, bad habits and other factors can lead to the staining and discoloration of teeth. With a chemical process, a cosmetic dental professional will be able to whiten your teeth and restore their appearance. One way that teeth can be whitened is with the use of bleach and the other uses trays that you wear over a period of time.

Teeth Straightening

The most obvious way to straighten teeth that are crooked or have gaps present is to use braces. Traditional metal braces, however, are not appealing to many adults, as their visibility causes embarrassment issues. Invisalign is the popular option offered by cosmetic dental professional to straighten adult’s teeth and provide a straighter and aligned smile.


Bonding is a procedure to improve the aesthetic look of your teeth if there is a gap or space between them. This procedure can also be used for teeth that are broken, cracked, stained and chipped. If there is a root exposed, a dentist can also use a bonding material to fill in small cavities.


A veneer is a custom type of shell that can be made or plastic or porcelain and used to cover the front of a person’s teeth. This works to change the shape and color of teeth and used to improve a number of issues including excessive space, chipped teeth, stained teeth, slightly crooked teeth or teeth that are poorly shaped.

Understanding the benefits offered by Cosmetic Dentistry in Port Orange, FL can help you realize whether or not these procedures would help your specific dental needs.

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