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Common Appliances that Run on Propane Gas in Branford

When most people think of Propane gas in Branford, they immediately call to mind barbecue grills and furnaces, but few realize how many other appliances can be run efficiently using this fuel source. Switching to propane appliances can help homeowners cut back on their energy bills, so it’s worth taking the time to learn about them. Read on to find out about a few of the most common propane appliances to get started.

Water Heaters

Water heaters consume more energy than almost all other residential appliances, often accounting for as much as 25% of the home’s energy use. That means homeowners can save a lot of money just by switching to a water heater that uses Propane Gas in Branford. Plus, homeowners can buy compact, tankless models that deliver rapid, consistent heat without taking up as much space.

Stoves and Cooktops

Most home chefs prefer gas stoves over electric cooktops. They offer better temperature control and are more cost-efficient to operate than most electric models. Most homeowners use around 180 gallons of propane to power their stoves and cooktops each year.

Home Heating

Propane furnaces are energy efficient and great at heating homes up fast. During the winter months, furnaces use more propane than even water heaters, consuming around one gallon per hour of fuel. Look for an EnergyStar certified model and have it serviced before temperatures start to drop to ensure that it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Clothes Dryers

Homeowners who already use other propane appliances may also want to switch to propane clothes dryers. They only use between 15 and 25 gallons of propane per year and work just as well as electric dryers. Although gas dryers cost more than electric dryers, homeowners who can get bulk discounts on propane delivery find that their lower cost of operation makes up for this higher initial investment within a few years.

Less Common Appliances

Homeowners who want to switch as many of their appliances as possible to propane might also want to look into gas-powered pool heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, and grills. They’ll also want to find a reliable supplier that offers propane delivery. Check out website Domain to learn about one local company that can help today.

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