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Columbus Paving in Contractors And The Showdown Between Asphalt And Concrete

When hiring Columbus paving contractors for a driveway installation, homeowners usually have to choose between two surfaces: concrete or asphalt. Although both these surfaces can be great for driveways, there are several important differences that people need to know about before spending their hard-earned money. Buyers have to think about the climate, initial investment, maintenance, and looks. For a good number of homeowners, looks are most important. They want something that will bring more curb appeal to their homes. This is why some choose to use stamped concrete instead of asphalt.

Columbus Paving in Contractors know the pros and cons of asphalt, and so should property owners. One of the most attractive aspects of asphalt is its price. It’s a much cheaper option than installing concrete. Asphalt is also able to deal with cold climates quite well. It doesn’t seem to crack as much as concrete. Also, removing snow from an asphalt driveway is much easier. Staining is extremely hard to see on asphalt. If any repairs need to be done, they are usually easy to do. Since they are easy, homeowners don’t have to spend a lot of money when something goes wrong with their asphalt driveways.

Although the pros of asphalt sound great, buyers need to be aware of the cons too. Asphalt has a relatively short lifespan. It also has to be resealed every few years or it can become damaged. When it gets extremely hot outside, it can soften and sometimes stick to things. This is especially true when it is going through the curing process.

There are some sound arguments for concrete. Concrete can last for four decades before needing to be replaced. It also doesn’t have to be resealed every few years. For people who want designs added or want their driveways to look very expensive, stamped concrete can be chosen. Stamped concrete can be made to look like other materials. The downside to concrete is that it tends to crack when it has to deal with harsh winters. The cracks can be hard to fix. Also, salt used to melt ice can damage concrete easier than asphalt. The initial investment is usually twice as much as asphalt. Stamped concrete can add even more to the initial investment and maintenance costs.

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