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Choosing the Best Hemorrhoids Treatment

When it comes to ranking the most embarrassing health problems, hemorrhoids will come to the top of the chart. The nature of this medical condition forces many patients to refrain from seeking medical attention.

Do you experience pain and bleeding with bowel movements? If so, you could be suffering from hemorrhoids. The good news is that several viable treatment options exist. Here is some more information about the problem and the best treatment possibilities.

Do I Really have Hemorrhoids?
Your doctor will need detailed information about the symptoms to tell whether you really suffer from hemorrhoids. A physical exam will usually be sufficient to confirm the diagnosis.

Hemorrhoids are inflamed anal veins that could either be internal or located out of the rectum. Inflammation is caused by excessive straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, poor diet, chronic constipation or leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Complications are rare, and these could potentially occur if you avoid seeking medical attention for a very long period of time. Extreme pain and anemia are two of the extreme, yet rare, symptoms of the condition.

Diet Changes
Some of the best hemorrhoids treatment options involve lifestyle changes. Proper hydration is the first one. Drinking enough water will regulate your bowel movements and help you overcome problems like constipation.

You will also need to introduce changes to your menu. Start consuming foods containing larger quantities of dietary fiber. Fruits, vegetables and all kinds of whole grains are its main sources.

Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, and it will take large quantities of water out of your system.

Medical Procedures and Treatments
Your doctor may choose one of several procedures for the treatment of hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from mild discomfort, you will get a prescription for a topical remedy. Such ointments are used to reduce the pain and inflammation. You will need to use the ointment until all of the symptoms disappear. Suppositories may also be suggested for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

A number of minimally invasive procedures may be selected for more serious cases of inflammation. Rubber band litigation is one of the viable options. A tiny rubber band is placed around the base of the inflamed vein. The band cuts off circulation to the inflamed tissue, which makes the portion of the vein wither.

Infrared coagulation uses heat to cause small, controlled bleeding from internal hemorrhoids. As a result of the heat being used, the portion of the inflamed vein will once again wither and fall off within a short period of time.

The best hemorrhoids treatment will depend on the severity of the condition and your lifestyle. There is no need to continue suffering in silence. Talking to your physician will help you overcome the issue quickly and will also deliver a significant improvement in life quality. For more information visit Midwest Express Clinic.



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